Best Web Design for Acme Autobody

Acme Autobody of San Luis Obispo worked closely with CyberYonder to decide on the best web design for their business. The process began with a variety of criteria being discussed such as the cost, design time, ease of use and web marketing. A WordPress based website was decided as the best choice to deliver a well thought out design at an affordable price. CyberYonder worked closely with the client to choose a WordPress Theme that would work well an auto body services business. Finding the best web design template was quick and easy.

Best Web Design Strategy

Deciding on the best web design publishing platform for this project was a simple task. The WordPress platform with its native blogging abilities and plug-in architecture provided the most stable and expandable solution. Web design features such as a Portfolio of Projects was crucial to display shining examples of Acme Autobody’s craftsmanship. Solid “About Us” and “Services” sections that clearly defined the character of the business and the services available needed to be well designed and precise in how they displayed their message. The proper amount of social media engagement linking and commenting was considered. Lastly a Search Engine Optimized Blogging Strategy was implemented and the client was trained on how to update the website themselves. All in all, the website was up and running within a few short weeks. The client could not be happier with their new website and the guidance they received from CyberYonder.

“Great Job CyberYonder!”

Rod Souza, Owner – Acme Autobody