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What is Video SEO and Internet Video Production?

San Luis Obispo internet video productionWe see video every day being used in a variety of ways. We watch it on the TV news to keep us up to date on what is happening. Look for popular videos on sites such as YouTube that make us laugh or cringe in horror. Take personal videos of our lives to share with friends and families on FaceBook. However, there is a new and very important kind of video and marketing that business owners need to become familiar with… Internet Marketing Video and Video Search Engine Optimization. That´s right, if you are a business that wants to improve traffic flow to your website and gain new customers, you have to get involved with Video SEO and Internet Video Production today.

The growing importance of Internet video production to help market and advertise your business is staggering! It seems that every day Google and other major internet search companies are figuring out new ways to allow the use of video to get your company´s message across and how it plays in the ranking of your website in the search engines. The process of taking advantage of this new trend is called Video SEO, VSEO, ReelSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization. The use of a properly produced Internet marketing video on your website can have an enormous effect on how well your website ranks against sites that compete for the same audience. An important example of this can be found in a recent report done by Forrester Research:

“With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x.” (Forrester Research, January 2010)

Another important example of the growing trend for Video SEO and Internet Video Production can be seen in Google´s latest “Fresh Update”. This recent update to the Google search algorithm places new emphasis on the importance of video in the ability to find products on line. Now, if you are an internet retailer who is marketing their products on a website, adding a video about the item to the listing will greatly improve the chances of your product offering ranking higher when a consumer searches the internet for items you carry.

How can your business take advantage of the latest trend for Video SEO and Internet Video Production?

Taking advantage of the latest trend in Video SEO can be a daunting task for the average small to medium sized business. First of all, how many of us are actual video production professionals? Especially, ones that know that latest ins and outs of what makes a video good for promoting a business on the internet… Not many! Combine this fact with the skills one needs to know about how to properly place and market a video on the internet for maximum VSEO benefit and you start to get the picture about how specialized this new field of internet marketing truly is.

Not to worry! CyberYonder Internet Development has your solution to take advantage of this important and growing trend. We are experts on how to produce Internet Marketing Videos, as well as the specific steps required for properly posting your company´s videos on your website and across the various internet video search engines for maximum VSEO benefits. Call us today at 805-277-3920 to talk to one of our Video Search Engine Optimization specialists and lets talk about getting started with your first Internet Video Production.