New Web Design For The Bus Of Fun

When San Luis Obispo based Bus of Fun needed a new web design for their Limo and Bus rental services company, they contacted CyberyYonder. Being a new startup in a competitive field meant keeping an eye on the project’s bottom line was critical. To keep the website development and programming costs low, a WordPress based website was decided upon. Doing this allowed for an extremely fast deployment, as a top quality template that met Bus of Fun’s Internet marketing needs was easily found. From start to finish, the site was completed in just a few weeks. Checkout the new web design for Bus of Fun!

New Web Design Made Affordable

New Web Design San Luis ObispoCyberYonder worked closely with the client to decide on the preferred features of their new web design. Our talented website designers customized the WordPress template for maximum brand recognition, customer appeal and usability. All the while, advising on the best methods for search engine optimization of the website structure and content. An exact match domain strategy backed by a campaign of search engine optimized blog and social media posts was suggested and implemented.

The new web design benefited greatly from WordPress’ plug-in architecture. This allowed for a variety of website functionality enhancements to be installed quickly and easily. Helpful features such as an “SEO Coach” were added. In addition, a booking and scheduling service that met Bus of Fun’s needs was easily found and integrated. No programming was required and the overall costs for the website design was very affordable. Especially when compared to other web developers, which charge thousands for their “custom solutions”. Now more money can go into the company and other marketing instead.

San Luis Obispo Web Design That Performs!

Stay tuned as CyberYonder works further with the team at Bus of Fun on their new web design. Watch as we implement additional Internet Marketing Strategies that get results for businesses in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast. Plans for a new Internet marketing video are in the works as well as implementing a video search engine optimization strategy that is guaranteed to get results.